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Reasons to like the Australian Summer

Reasons to like the Australian Summer

Sydney has had it's first taste of what the Aussie heat is all about with temperatures soaring to 42°C in Sydney’s west (that’s around 108°F) PHEW!!!

Despite this, we are a summer lovin, outdoor living, beach addicted nation.

Yes. It’s summertime in the Southern hemisphere and we couldn’t be more excited to throw on our bathers and hit the beach / pool for some outdoor fun. To celebrate the best time of year, here are a few reasons why we think summer in Australia is awesome.

Endless Festivals / Events

Dance all day and all night, eat foods from around the world, laugh at the funniest comics, listen to your favourite bands, watch your fill of independent movies or even re-enact medieval battles. 

Let’s face it, we have a dry, hot Christmas. But, I’d much rather be festive in the warmer weather than be stuck inside. The Aussie summer is one big party!

Summer Fruits  

Can i just say, Mangoes!

Whip up a deliciously vibrant fruit salad, cool down with some sorbet or even yoghurt, you just can’t go wrong with mangoes.  

Added the selection are the many tropical summer fruits we all love and adore, such as cherries, berries, stone fruits, passion fruit and pineapple to name a few.  

You just can’t go wrong with fresh delicious fruits.


Daylight saving

One of the best things about summer is the extra hours of sunlight on offer everyday. Often, sunset isn’t until after 7pm, which means you can fit heaps into your day  (Except if you are in Queensland, NT and WA - sorry babes)

Being home before dark has given a whole hour of extra fun ;)



Outdoor Activities

Barbecues, backyard cricket, slip and slide and more. 

In the backyard, at the park, streets and lanes, we are a resourceful outdoor loving nation and enjoy an excuse to get together so we can cool off, celebrate family,food and fun.


The beach

There’s nothing like that sand-between-your-toes, cool-water-on-your-face feeling when you hit the beach. We hit the beach when it's still too cold to swim (yes, we even have swim competitions while it’s too cold!) and lie on the sand looking longingly at the ocean. We wear our sunglasses all year round.

Fresh breeze, salty hair, sunscreen and fish-n-chups… what more could you want?


Camping under a billion stars

There’s nothing more Aussie than hitting the road with the tent in the boot and the surfboards on the roof. The best thing about camping is the opportunity to go offline for a few days where all there is to do is lie back and look in wonder at the night sky.



Dress code

What dress code? Aussie’s love to keep it casual. We rock our tank top,shorts and bikinis with pride while blokes throw on their denim shorts and brightly coloured thongs.

If you are worried about being swimsuit ready, it doesn’t really matter how you perceive your body image because it gets so hot, everyone swims and finds a way to cool down anyway.

Whatever you choose to do over summer make sure you remember your hat and sunscreen.

Stay safe – especially in the water, and most importantly have fun!

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