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The Cheeky Bikini Trend - What's all the fuss about ?

The Cheeky Bikini Trend - What's all the fuss about ?

Its almost Summer in the US and you are looking for ways to declutter and freshen up your wardrobe for some fun in the sun, or you're about to head out to your favourite beach holiday and looking for ways to look trendy and comfortable at the same time.
Queue - The barely-there style of the 80’s; The cheeky bikini bottoms are back and here to stay. This trend is also referred to as the brazilian bikini or thong bikini trend. At times it is also referred to as floss bikinis or the high-cut bikini trend. We must say, the trend has also taken over the one piece swimsuits giving it a newer and fresher look. The high-cut bikini trend, which was huge three decades ago, goes hand in hand with a brazilian cut back. Legs cut so darn high, that they land themselves to a skimpy coverage on the booty. Chain belts, socks and sneakers with your bikini, are back in fashion too. 



 As women adopt more carefree and confident lifestyles, this trend seems to be one that has been resurrected in new and modest ways. And like any other trend, it has its fair share of fans and critics.


Reasons why the cheeky bikini trend is being loved :

  • It is accepted by exotic women
  • It accentuates your curves and gives your bum a gorgeous shape
  • It elongates your figure and makes your legs appear longer
  • It gives the most gorgeous tan line
  • Cheeky cuts have a slimming effect
  • Moderate/full coverage are for older women, they make your bum look saggy and fabric bunches up rather than sitting on your natural curves.
  • Even more flattering for those that lack body confidence.
  • It has a very feminine feel
One thing’s for sure – it attracts attention. You’ve got the gawkers who aren’t used to seeing so much skin and those who take offense. And then you have the lovers of the trend who love the cheeky appeal and the fit of the skimpy cuts. They wear it proudly and flaunt what is natural and normal. Compare this to bikinis with more coverage that are prone to bunching up and sagging making your booty look worse than it would in a cheeky or skimpy bikini bottom.


Once you try on the cheeky bottom style, you will never want to go back to full coverage! Be proud of your curves and show them off in the most flattering way! We need to stop thinking that cheeky bottoms are “scandalous” because they really aren’t. Don't be afraid to love your body! We are all beautiful in our own ways.
In the end, it’s all about how you feel and what makes you feel beautiful, but we hope you remember that you ARE beautiful, and no bikini bottoms should make you feel otherwise.  
Let’s make this summer's all around the world bootyful!




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