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How to Achieve the Perfect Bikini Tan Lines in Australia

How to Achieve the Perfect Bikini Tan Lines in Australia


For most people, summer is the best time of the year because of many good reasons. If you're one of the millions of beach lovers waiting for the Australian summer months, perhaps you've already packed up your things in your bag along with your favorite skin protection. Nothing beats a perfect bikini tan line without compromising your safety while in the process of getting a tan. So, how do you get a flawless and safe tan in a bikini? Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals.


Understand Tanning

An understanding of the tanning process will help you educate yourself on the proper way to achieve the best possible bikini tan lines. Since we don't want a fake tan, it's important to understand the biological process of skin tanning. An uneducated tanning process will produce a dark fake tan which is a bad fake tan.



Sunless Tanning 

Also known as fake tanning, is a sunless process of tanning for people who want to achieve their desired skin color. In short, you can get a bikini tan even while you're inside your house. Spray tanning is one of the more popular and convenient ways to get a tan nowadays. If you want to achieve your desired tan without spending long hours at the beach during Australian beach holidays, then spray tanning while wearing your best Brazilian bikinis Australia is a perfect option. If you are worried about how long a spray tan last, perhaps you would like to consider lying down at the beachside in your bikini.



The Preparation Process

Before you go to the beach in your prized swimsuit, go through the necessary preparations to produce the best possible result. Prepare yourself by shaving at least an hour before you go out and expose your delicate skin to the sun. A quick and gentle, but thorough rubbing of the skin will help remove dead skin cells and hair to give you a tan that's evenly distributed.



The Tanning Process 

For starters, you need to take the tanning process in a step-by-step approach to avoid doing more harm than good to your body and general health. Since your body isn't used to long exposure to the sun and its harmful rays, start by spending lesser time out in the sun then gradually increase the exposure time. Don't bake yourself on the first day because it ruins the whole tanning process.



Before you go out, apply a skin protection product to protect your skin cells from both the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Find an SPF or "Sun Protection Factor" that works perfectly for your skin type. Take note that one product or SPF level that works for your friend or family member won't necessarily work for your skin. If your skin doesn't burn easily, you may want to use a lower SPF level product.




  Once you're ready, wear your best cheeky bum bikini and go out, have fun, and create wonderful memories as one of the highlights of your year.




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