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Sustainable Australian Designed SwimwearHere at Rompus, we are proud of the suppliers we have collated together through our store. We are so aware of the current world we live in and of those who are making a stand in preserving it. We have looked for femininity, performance in the water and sustainability where available. It's still early days in the movement towards surfing sustainability and we are very excited to be supporting this movement and continually seek ways to be greener.  

There is a real movement in consciousness and it's great. There is so much at stake. We as surfers, mothers and ocean lovers, are aware of the troubles this planet faces. Our oceans are really at a crisis point, plastic is suffocating our earth, and our rain-forests are disappearing before our eyes. Orangutans are suffering every day at the hands of the palm oil industry. Before too long, there won't be much of a planet left to leave our children.

Rompus Australia has one main goal; to be honest and ethical. We will always remain 100% transparent.  

We choose to tread lightly on this earth and to leave only footprints. Therefore, our brand is palm oil free and we are doing our damnedest to be plastic free. We encourage our suppliers to use either no plastic, alternatives to plastic and/or ensure that any plastic used in their packaging is recycled. Not all the swimwear that we stock is made from recycled fishing nets using Econyl nylon. Yet. But in time and with enough support and money anything is possible. It's about supporting the brand and encouraging alternatives. Together we can make a difference.

We are trying...